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FibrosIX Inc. is a start-up based on technology from The University of Michigan and Michigan State University that aims to develop novel anti-fibrotic agents which disrupt gene transcription.


FibrosIX LLC has converted to a Michigan Coroporation FibrosIX Inc.

FibrosIX Inc. has been awarded an SBIR grant from the National Cancer Institute of NIH to advance the development of our compounds in fibrotic diseases (R43 CA235823-01 DEMONSTRATING THE FEASIBILITY OF CCG-257081 AS A PREVENTIVE THERAPY TO INHIBIT BLEOMYCIN-INDUCED LUNG FIBROSIS IN MICE)


FibrosIX has optioned the license to the UM/MSU technology related to compounds that inhibit the MRTF/SRF gene transcription mechanism.
MRTF pathway inhibitors

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